an app that helps you on your health journey
AccelHealth is a digital platform that helps health professionals, health experts, dieticians and nutritionists to have a better engagement and communication channels with their members.
The core part of our platform is a smartphone app for health members & enthusiasts.
Nutritionist, Dietician or Health Professional
If you are nutritionists, dieticians or health professionals that would like to grow your network by further members engagement; then we can help you.
Health Products Vendor
Are you providing health products (food, beverages, supplements even recipes) for people who follow certain diet plan? Through our platform, we can help you to boost your business.
Health Enthusiast
Are you ready to make a change on your lifestyle for a healthier life? Are you part of diet & health plan but struggling to be on track?
Health Group
Are you the champion of your health group or club who want to encourage your friends to do things together? We can help you on communication and engagement with your group.
We provide you with various health & diet plans developed by partnered health professionals, dieticians and nutritionists . Find and follow the health & diet plan(s) that suits you. We then will help you to be on track with your selected plan through reminders, tips and notifications. We connect you with other health enthusiasts. You can also invite your friends to motivate each other through chat groups.
Our app provides you with helpful information related to your selected health & diet plan. At anytime, you can look up relevant nutrition information, watch videos, study articles and read Frequently Asked Questions. And if you have any questions, you can easily contact the health professionals, nutritionists or dieticians through our app.
How many times did you start a diet & health diet plan enthusiastically and gave up before reaching your goal? This is a common problem and you are not alone. With our app, you can have a health professional, dietician or nutrition to help you achieve your health goals.
Are you a health profesional, dietician or nutritionist who wants to grow your network? Is your team of health professionals growing and you need a system to help them? Are you the organiser of a local jogging, running or cycling club and want to better engage your members? You are passionate to help people on achieving their health goals. So, let us help you to achieve your goal and grow your network with our digital solution.
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