Accelerion provide you with fast, accurate, beautiful solutions that help you to accelerate your business growth. We commit to deliver solutions that are well designed, pleasant to see and simple to use.


Not one project, problem or system is exactly the same. However, we have a set of principles as a guideline on how we approach and formulate our solutions to help accelerate your business growth.

  • Fast – Rapid yet methodologic developments.
  • Accurate – Rework is a “killer” of profit in any business. So, let’s get it right the first time.
  • Adaptable – We could be the experts in tech solutions but you are the expert of your business. Therefore, we listen to you and let you to be the core part of the solution.
  • Reliable – We are reliable people (who we are) that deliver reliable solutions (what we do).
  • “Eat the Elephant one bite a time”  – No problem is too big. Allow us to work with you on breaking your problems into smaller manageable bites.
  • Experience – Our company may be young but our team have experiences on delivering large, medium and small tech solutions.
  • Togetherness – “Us and them” mentality is just not our thing.
  • Out of the box –  or some would say where is the box? We help you to see things from different angles with our ‘out of the box’ mindsets.
Our core values

At our core, we are problem solvers.
We listen to you and your problems, and challenges, before we jump into a conclusion. We then define your problems, making sure that we have heard and understood you correctly.

“A problem well stated is a problem half-solved”

We believe that not one problem is too big when we have the right people working into the solution. Therefore, we value team work and partnership (not us-and-them mentality) as a sustainable platform for creative ideas and solutions.

We can do all things”

The right team for your project
we love what we do

Meet our small yet dedicated team.

We believe in work-smart-and-hard work ethic.
We pursue a spirit of excellence.
We value teamwork and respect one another as one team.

CEO & Principal
Steven Chai
Triyono Chris
Dev. Team Leader
Connect with us
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